My role:
Concept, art direction, design, illustration, visuals

Meri Ortega
Production, photography, scenery
Chema Longobardo
Illustration, visuals, interface
Federico Joselevich
Programming, software, visuals
Isabella Funk
Javier Tles, Josegirl, Juan Medina


Leopoldo Maria Panero is the only damm poet of spanish literary landscape, but also the quintessential transgressor and one of the best poets of his generation. Carlos Ann teamed up with Bunbury, José Mª Ponce and Bruno Galindo to make a cult poetry music project, with Panero’s own contribution.
The result: A cd-book (finalist in Premios de Diseño Editorial Daniel Gil 2006 Award), a dvd, a documentary and various music-poetry shows in Spain and México.
My goal was to represent the poet’s alcoholic, smoking and mad universe through all the project’s artworks.

On March 9, 2005 Carlos Ann, Bunbury, Jose Maria Ponce and Bruno Galindo met in La Paloma (Barcelona) to honor the poet Leopoldo María Panero, who has been living for years in a psychiatric in the Canary Islands and moved to Barcelona only to participate in this unique and emotional concert.
For this event, we developed special software to project the visuals of the concert: The Panerorama