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A little info about myself:
I was born in Buenos Aires in 1975 and have lived since 1980, mostly in Barcelona.

I studied graphic design at the Escuela Elisava de Barcelona, specializing in editorial design and multimedia design.
I had the great opportunity to study at the Royal College of Art in London in 1998 with an Erasmus scholarship.
In 1999 I did an MA in Digital Arts at the Institut Universitari de l’Audiovisual de Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

In 1999 I co-founded area3 collective with Federico Joselevich and Chema Longobardo, which later joined new members as the designer Elisa Lee, the poet Mireia Calafell, the musician Manel Ruiz, the illustrator Claudio Molina and Mike Silva. With area3 I was lucky enough to travel to show our work in the field of digital art and multimedia design, traveling through Spain, Germany, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Korea and China.

In 2009, along with Elka Mocker, Mireia Calafell and Alberto Ojeda, we formed ArtsMoved Cultural Association, and embarked on an adventure that combined the work of cultural management and travel the world. Until 2011 we were living and working in Spain, Argentina, China and Vietnam.

A little info about my work:
I love to participate in cultural projects related to the world of art, music and literature. I like to experiment with different techniques and methods of working, playing, learning and reinventing myself in each project.

I do not like the philosophy of big companies if they are not flexible. If you belong to a large corporation with rigid and inflexible rules of business group (payments for 90 days, rush, bureaucracy, etc.), please do not call me to work for it, call me for tea :)



CaixaForum DNIT. Barcelona, España. Dic 2012

Festival Mira!. Barcelona, España. Oct 2011

Instituto Cervantes. Beijing, China. Oct - Nov 2010 中华人民共和国

CoreLabs. Beijing, China. Oct 2010 中华人民共和国

Club Blast. Rosario, Argentina. Nov - Dic 2009

Cultura y Media en CCGSM. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nov 2009

CCPE. Rosario, Argentina. Nov 2009

ThisIsNotaGallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nov 2009

Trimarchidg. Mar del Plata, Argentina. Oct 2009

Casa Árabe. Madrid, España. Feb - Mar 2009

New York Arts. Beijing, China. Dec 2008 中华人民共和国

OneDotZero. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sept 2008

Red Bull Music Academy. Barcelona, España. Sept 2008

Vad Festival. Girona, España. Oct 2008

Art Museum of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Nov 2007 دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة

American University. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nov 2007 دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Nike en Vinçon. Barcelona, España. Oct 2007

La noche en Blanco, CaixaForum. Madrid, España. Sept 2007

CaixaForum. Palma de Mallorca, España. Sept 2007

Lab Ciberespacios en Laboral, Gijón, España. Mar 2007

Sony Cybershot Festival. Australia. 2007

Pixel Pops!. Praha, Česká republika. 2007

Canarias Mediafest. Gran Canaria, España. Nov 2006

VAIA. Alcoi, España. Nov 2006

Propaganda 2.0. STARTsoma. USA. Nov 2005

La Santa. Barcelona, España. Nov 2005

PEAM. Pescara, Italia. Oct 2005

Unzipping Codes. Seoul, Korea. Dic 2004 한국

Villette Numerique. Paris, France. Oct 2004

Observatori. Valencia, España. Oct 2004

CaixaForum. Barcelona, España. Ago 2004

Festival Sonar. Barcelona, España. Jun 2004

OFFF. Valencia, España. Jun 2004

Pronóstica. Ibiza, España. Sept 2003

FAD. Sinergies. Barcelona. May 2003

Autostadt. Wolfsburg, Deutschland. 2003

Ars Electronica. Linz, Österreich. Sept 2002

Art Futura. Barcelona, España. Nov 2002

Sonar. Barcelona, España. Jun 2002

OFFF. Barcelona, España. Abr 2002 (♥ area3)



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