My role:
Concept, art direction, design, illustration

César Espada
Chema Longobardo
Concept, art direction, design, illustration, sketches
Mireia Calafell
Concept, research, texts
Federico Joselevich
Software, C++ coding
Stefano Dinamarca
Manel Ruiz

2006 – 2007

With the support of:

We were invited by the Spanish Embassy in Abu Dhabi to create a work in the UAE within the program of artists in residence.

Operating like a videogame, Dynacity is an interactive installation that proposes the construction of a city with explicit reference to a plausible but unreal city of the United Arab Emirates.

The movement of the spectator is the engine that generates buildings and the city. Move! jump! dance! don’t stop!
In the screen, you will discover a city that travels through time (from past to future) in accordance with your rhythm, to induce reflections about architecture, identity, memory and the idea of spectacle.

▬ Download catalogue (english, spanish and arabic)


Sharjah Art Museun. United Arab Emirates. November 2007 – January 2008
OneDotZero. Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 2008
Festival Vad. Girona, Spain. October 2008
Casa Árabe. Madrid, Spain, February – March 2009
CaixaForum. Barcelona, Spain, December 2012

1st Prize of the International Festival of Video and Digital Arts Vad 2008